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Student-Invited Lectures

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) instituted the Student-Invited Lecture Series (SILS) as a means to promote greater interactions between visiting speakers and students, and to complement normal department-wide seminars. This Series offers the unique opportunity for students to select and invite the speakers they are most interested in meeting and interacting with. Importantly, visits are entirely student-centered. The speakers are invited to eat lunch and dinner with small groups of students, and the full day's schedule includes several meeting with various groups of students to discuss their research in addition to a few more typical faculty one-on-one meetings. Ultimately, the Student-Invited Lecture Series (SILS) greatly enriches our seminar program at Princeton and promotes unparalleled educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate students.

Upcoming 2013-14:

  • 10/3 - Squire Booker (chem bio), Penn State
  • 10/10 - David Liu (chem bio), Harvard University
  • 11/7 - David Milstein (inorganic), Weizmann Institute
  • 4/10 - Don Sadoway (materials), MIT
  • 4/17 - Shannon Stahl (organic), UW Madison
  • 5/1 - Todd Martinez (theory), Stanford University

Past invitees included:

  • Tobin Marks, Northwestern - April 2013
  • Madeleine Jacobs, American Chemical Society - April 2012
  • Peidong Yang, University of California, Berkeley - April 2012
  • Guy Bertrand, University of California, Riverside - Oct 2011
  • Prof Rajan Babu, Ohio State University (Organic) - Mar 2011
  • Prof Seth Cohen, University of California, San Diego (Bioinorganic) - Feb 2011
  • Prof Daniel Frisbie, University of Minnesota (Materials) - Jan 2011
  • Prof Jin-Quan Yu, Scripps Research Institute (Organic) - Nov 2010