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3/11 - Seminar (organic) - Brandon Ashfeld, Notre Dame

>> Please note 3:00 p.m. seminar time due to faculty meeting at 4:30. <<

Brandon Ashfeld - speaker's webpage
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Notre Dame
Host: Robert Knowles

Exploiting Unconventional Carbonyl Reactivity For Natural Products And Designed Materials Synthesis

Carbonyl functionalization is central to the development of many classic and newly designed synthetic methods. By exploiting the inherent reactivity of carbonyl derivatives, the synthesis of biologically active natural products and materials designed for gas phase carbon separation are highlighted by the development of unconventional carbon–heteroatom and carbon–carbon bond-forming enabling methods. Our program is focused on the design and development of 1) N-heterocyclic materials for the energy efficient gas phase separation of CO2, 2) phosphorus-mediated, chemoselective C–C and C–N bond formations, and 3) a the titanocene-catalyzed functionalization of aldehydes as a traceless dielectrophilic functional group. Our overall objective is to develop new chemical constructs that will enable the discovery of improved chemotherapies for brain and nervous system cancers, and materials for the reduction of atmospheric concentrations of anthropogenic CO2.