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2/4 - Seminar (organic): Seth Herzon, Yale University

Seth Herzon - speaker's website
Department of Chemistry
Yale University
Host: Abigail Doyle

Synthetic and Chemical Biological Studies of the Diazofluorene Antitumor Antibiotics

Natural products total synthesis provides a rich and unparalleled opportunity to develop new synthetic transformations, conceive novel and general strategies to access complex structures, and study the mechanism of action of bioactive targets. We have developed a general and versatile route to prepare complex diazofluorenes, an unusual functional group found in the antiproliferative metabolites known as the kinamycins and lomaiviticins. Applications of this chemistry towards the syntheses of kinamycin F and lomaiviticin aglycon, and elucidation of the mechanism of action of lomaiviticin A, will be presented.