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Undergraduate Program in Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the properties and transformations of matter. It is often called the "central discipline" of science because the other natural sciences draw heavily on an understanding of the world at the level of atoms and molecules. Examples of this far-reaching scientific inquiry range from molecular biology to nanotechnology to chemical physics.

The scientific overlaps between chemistry and the other molecular sciences encourage chemistry faculty and students to engage in collaborative projects with other departments and interdisciplinary programs at the University, such as materials science, genomics and environmental studies.

Students find that a concentration in chemistry provides a broad foundation in modern science, where the old divisions are rapidly losing relevance.

Princeton's chemistry department provides undergraduate students with small classes, the challenge of a unique senior thesis project and personal attention from an internationally respected faculty. We also offer each student an appropriate curriculum for preparing for specific career plans and work at the professional level.

Departmental Information

For more information about the program than is available on this site, please contact Undergraduate Administrator Kirsten Arentzen.

Robert P. L'Esperance

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Frick Laboratory, A87
Phone: (609) 258-1307

Kirsten Arentzen

Undergraduate Administrator
Frick Laboratory, A22
Phone: (609) 258-5015