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There are more than 200 computers available for student use in the OIT computing clusters on campus. The computing clusters provide high-end computers and access to general, as well as course-specific software.  Clusters are also areas for academic collaboration.  

The computing cluster guidelines are:

  • A computing cluster follows the same open hours as the building in which it is located.  For example, a cluster in a library is accessible during the library's normal hours of operation.
  • Most clusters are open 24 hours a day and often require a proximity card or a door lock combination. Combinations can be obtained from the corresponding host department or Residential College office.
  • All clusters are open to all students, however, Residential College residents have priority for use of the cluster located in their College.
  • Students may use their personal laptop on the wireless network in computer clusters.  Some locations have open wired network ports where you can plug in your laptop for a faster connection.  Your computer must be registered in the campus Host Database to use these ports.
  • Do not unplug the network cable for a cluster computer- doing so will set off an alarm, and will disrupt service for other students.
  • Some computer clusters can be reserved for use by a class or other group. Refer to the Clusters List for the clusters that accept reservations and the hosting department taking the reservation.  An "n/a" means that reservations are not available for the listed cluster.