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Cluster Image Availability

OIT Student Computing Services makes the Windows cluster software image available for use on departmental cluster machines. The image comes pre-configured to connect each user to his or her home file directory, to connect to the shared software folder on the cluster server, and to configure the Thunderbird and Outlook email clients with the user's information at login.

Some of the applications are included in the Microsoft Campus Agreement, some are shareware, and some are site licensed. However, there are some applications included for which we have a limited number of licenses to run on campus cluster machines; use of these applications is restricted by KeyServer (a launch counter application that will only permit the licensed number of copies to be executed at any given time). The KeyServer client is included on the image.

The list of software is available for review here. The list is divided into two sections: the first is the basic software, which includes general productivity and information access programs. The second is the list of courseware or special request applications. Most of the basic software is installed locally on each hard drive. Some of the courseware or special request applications are installed locally and some are installed on the server. Server applications may also have a client component which is included as part of the image. All applications have shortcuts on the local image that will launch them.

As Windows is plug and play, this image should work on a variety of Intel based machines. Printer drivers and queues are not included.  Departments will need to personalize this software image for their specific facility. We are available to assist you in customizing this image, and to help you develop methods for cluster software maintenance.

We begin each academic year with an updated image.  Our goal is to have one image for the academic year, however, given the speed of technology change and the need to accommodate requests for courseware changes and upgrades between semesters, there is sometimes a new image released at the beginning of second semester, and again at the beginning of the summer. You will be provided with updates as we develop and release them.

For more information, please contact OIT's Student Computing Services group by sending e-mail to