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Printer Instructions

Printing to cluster printers

You may print to cluster printers from a cluster computer or your own computer.  All cluster printers use the single queue "All_Clusters" on \\scsprint-prod1.  Cluster computers are automatically configured to print to this queue.  To print to the queue from your computer, please see the instructions in OIT KnowledgeBase solution 8329

Changing paper

Paper is provided on site for every cluster printer.  You may refill the printer with paper as needed.  

Paper is located near the printer and are usually in plain view.  If you cannot locate paper, refer to locating a cluster printer's consumables for the location of all consumables.  You may also contact the OIT cluster administrators at

The Pharos Uniprint system

Each cluster printer is managed by the Pharos UniPrint print accounting system. This system helps reduce the amount of paper wasted with accidental printing. When a document is printed to a UniPrint-managed queue, the document will not print until it is released at the PRINT RELEASE STATION located next to the printer to which you sent your print request.

For more information about using the Pharos UniPrint system, see Pharos Uniprint print release stations.