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About CNSA


To become a world leader in network science which is emerging as an important source of scientific discoveries and commercial opportunities.

  • Facilitate the research, development, integration and cross-fertilization of network science related technologies
  • Facilitate information exchange
  • Foster partnerships amongst academia, industry and government


Board of Directors

Paul S. Henry AT&T Labs, Inc.-Research
Walter Lucchesi US Army CERDEC S&TCD
William Marsh Prudential Financial
H. Vincent Poor Princeton University
Nick Satomi NEC Corporation of America
Jonathan Smith University of Pennsylvania
Dennis Strigl Verizon Communications
Gen Larry D. Welch Institute for Defense Analysis
Ben Yu Sierra Ventures

CNSA StructureCNSA structure

CNSA Outcomes & Benefits

  • Academia

  • Industry

  • Government

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  • Faster research to market
  • Increase in skilled resources to regain leadership in network science related technologies... establish a Center of Excellence
  • Develop and expand educational programs & opportunities to provide a world class labor force and breakthrough technologies
  • Increase impact & business opportunities
  • Provide innovation & world leadership in network science
  • Formation of a vibrant community for learning and teaching, providing the best education with interdisciplinary breadth for a new generation of highly educated, practice-oriented, competitive, and diverse U.S. workforce.