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Industrial Affiliates

NEC Labs

  1. Princeton/NEC Lab GPON testbed

    Sensor network can be built parasitically in GPON system to enlarge the coverage area and reduce power consumption.

    Using dispersive elements, the optical sensor data pulses get stretched an does not affect normal GPON data transmission.

    OCDMA over WDM

  2. Scaling using hybrid OCDMA over WDM system

GPON testbed


OCDMA ring


  • Photonic layer security

An additional layer of security
-> Can provides “technological superiority”
Optical signal processing provides high speed and low latency
-> Enables real-time encryption at any line rate
No electromagnetic signature
-> Not vulnerable to side channel attacks

  • Sensor/first response system overlay on public network

Public channels are unaffected by presence of secondary communications.

Sensor signal over WDM

Lightsmyth Technologies

  • All optical data encryption

Custom integrated optical circuits for terahertz optical signal processing

optical encryption

Lockheed Martin MS2 Tactical Systems

Utilizes Princeton's all-optical signal processing technology for advanced multilevel security

  • Optical networks integrate information from IR surveillance cameras, sensor data, and telemetry OCDMA can isolate secure and non-secure sensor data

  • "Code swapping" provides crypto-level security

OCDMA security


Access Optical Networks, Inc.


  • All-optical interface between DWDM network and optical memory

    • Connecting speed: 160 Gb/s per channel
    • Enabled by Princeton TOAD technology and AON Holographic Data Storage
    • AON Exclusive License for TOAD technology in Storage Applications
    • Enables NAS/SAN/SSD applications with network speeds over 160 Gb/s
    • TOAD wavelength conversions allow direct storage, manipulation and routing of optical transmissions in Enterprise, Metro, and Long Haul Networks
    • Reduces Network Bottlenecks by eliminating O-E-O conversions
    • Eliminate disbursement network costs and flatten topology



Lockheed Martin ATL

Picosecond pulse sampling

PLS Networks LLC

Nonlinear recovery of hidden signals

D.V. Dylov and J.W. Fleischer, “Nonlinear self-filtering of noisy images via dynamical stochastic resonance,” Nature Photonics 4, 323 (2010)



  • Electronic warfare - robust communication during IED jamming