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If you:

  • have a project that would benefit sharing and editing documents with colleagues at this and/or other institutions...
  • need to meet with people who may not be at your physical location...
  • often have to schedule meetings...

then you have found the place to learn how to make all of those tasks much easier.

Princeton supports a number of collaboration tools. Some of these you have likely been using for some time (e.g. e-mail and calendars) while others may be new to you. In either case, this site aims to help you get the most out of whatever collaboration tools you may opt to use.

If you are new to using technology to collaborate with colleagues (and perhaps even if you are not) you may find the Collaboration Primer sections of this site helpful. It will introduce you to the spectrum of collaboration possibilities. It will also help you to identify which of these tools are best suited to your   particular needs.

Once you have an idea of how you might want to collaborate, the Toolbox section will provide an overview of supported applications and services available to you and where you may learn more details and find training.

Of course, there is also Support available to you through the Office of Information Technology. Using our form will route your questions to our collaboration and conferencing team so that you will receive the most appropriate consultation for your needs.

Welcome to a world of collaboration!