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Where can guests stay in the area?

A number of motels, hotels and inns serve the Princeton area, although most are not within walking distance of the University. The most up-to-date list of area hotels can be found on the University website: and at

Please note that the University does not provide shuttle service from hotels. Some hotels do provide such service to campus. Please inquire with the individual hotel.

Tiger Stay

The “Tiger Stay” program provides an alternative for those who are unable to arrange otherwise for housing for the Commencement period. Tiger Stay uses dormitory rooms and cannot provide the same level of accommodation as local hotels. It cannot guarantee private bathrooms, air conditioning or elevator service. Because of space limitations, not all requests for Tiger Stay can be accommodated, and because of the limitations of dormitory living, it is often not possible to accommodate special needs, including mobility restrictions or physical impairments. Dormitory rooms are used by alumni during Reunions, which end immediately before Baccalaureate, and the rooms will be as clean as Building Services can make them in a short period of time. Families are strongly urged to make reservations at area hotels.

Seniors make arrangements using the Tiger Stay online request form. There is a nonrefundable cost per person (about $120), regardless of the length of stay, which includes bedding. Rooms are available starting Sunday night and must be vacated by Wednesday morning. All requests for Tiger Stay must be made by the student using the online application form.

2018 Tiger Stay FAQ's can be found here


Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

If you or another member of your family needs accommodation for a disability, please contact the Office of Disability Services, 609-258-8840 as soon as possible and no later than May 1 with information about your particular needs.  The office's website is at

Special seating areas for individuals with disabilities or special needs are available at Baccalaureate, Class Day and Commencement. Seating space in these areas is limited (we try to identify places near walkways and shade).  To accommodate all with special needs, seating in that area must be limited to the individual with special needs and one additional guest.  While there are no special tickets for the seating area set aside for individuals with disabilities, regular entrance tickets are necessary.