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How We Work

We prioritize all work we do based on University goals. We seek projects that fit our priorities, that depend upon strategic communication and that are best done through partnership. Once we've accepted a project, we:

Visualize the
end result.

We begin by identifying your goals and exploring the best methods for achieving them. Our toolkit includes guides and creative briefs to help determine resources, schedules and other key elements of your project.

Know your audience.

We help you prioritize the audiences you would like to reach and determine the techniques and tone that are most appropriate for them.

Focus on the questions
before the answers.

When you are starting a project, is your ultimate goal, for example, to create a poster or website, or is it to attract a specific audience to your program? Once we have worked together to determine the essential issues, satisfying solutions become more abundant and clear.

Collaboration leads to better ideas and

Whether you ask us to help with a single aspect or to do the bulk of a project, we will include you as a partner in the creative process. This ensures that your requirements are met and ample opportunities are provided for stakeholder feedback. We add value through our expertise and resources.

Consider the
big picture.

The University's priorities, set by the trustees and cabinet officers, are vast. We are adept at incorporating these priorities into specific objectives in ways that are inviting.

Represent yourselves and the University well.

Every product produced by our office undergoes a quality assurance process to help ensure that your communications maintain the highest standards, including clarity, creativity, accuracy, accessibility, usability and style.