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Communications Teams

Collaboration is a key communication tool so Communications team members work together often. For efficiency, the office is organized into four prime teams, comprising highly-skilled, dedicated individuals and offering comprehensive services.

Executive Team

The Executive Team responds to external requests and provides guidance and support to the creative, editorial and technical professionals who work in:

  • strategic communications;
  • media relations and publicity;
  • campus periodical writing and editing;
  • print publication design, writing and editing;
  • Website design, development, information architecture and content management system integration;
  • photographic and video services;
  • identity and branding;
  • media event coordination;
  • project management;
  • copyright and trademark protection;
  • and more.

Media Relations Team

The Media Relations Team manages public and news media inquires on behalf of the University and coordinates responses to media requests for experts. The team also advises the University community on media relations matters and assists members of the University Community on media outreach, Interviews and media events. Team members also participate in major event planning and liaise with external media relations teams.

The team's primary focus is:

  • managing and responding to news media inquiries;
  • media event coordination and releasing news from Princeton;
  • advising the campus community on media relations matters;
  • coordinating outreach to local, national and international news media;
  • facilitating media access to campus;
  • overseeing media aspects in and efficacy of new media tools; and
  • Princeton Weekly Bulletin, a weekly newsletter distributed to University faculty, staff and graduate students.

News and Editorial Services Team

The News and Editorial Services Team shares the story of Princeton's excellence, leadership, diversity and discovery with external and internal audiences. Team members most often work with faculty, staff and students who have news to disseminate, as well as critical content for priority materials.

The team's primary focus is:

Web and Visual Communication Team

The Web and Visual Communication Team creates and enhances websites that are essential for conveying and accessing key University initiatives while also providing a variety of visual design strategy and content. Team members add value to projects by employing comprehensive analysis and creative strategy.

Team members contribute their expertise in project management, writing and editing, visual design, Web design, photography, video and multimedia production, information architecture, usability and accessibility standards, and site development.

The team collaborates with OIT's Web Development Services group to develop and design websites.

Among the team's areas of focus are: