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Highlight: Admission Project


Project: The Office of Communications and the Admission Office have a long partnership in creating a range of informative materials for prospective Princeton students. In 2007, the Admission Office set as a goal the launch of a new admission and aid website that would build upon the information and look of their recruitment publications, including the admission viewbook, Princeton in Brief and Defining Diversity.

Communication Solutions: To develop the new website, the admission, undergraduate financial aid and communications offices worked closely with the Office of Information Technology and an independent firm hired by the Admission Office, mStoner. Over this long-term project, staff members from the various offices worked collaboratively across several phases — including writing and editing, interviewing, design, photography, project management and technical implementation — to attain a harmonious and effective website. Since a website is a communication tool that constantly evolves, the work is ongoing and the collaborations continue.

Results: The website launched in the fall of 2007 to great accolade and won a Council for Advancement and Support of Education "Circle of Excellence" international medal in 2008. Twenty-two usability testing sessions focusing on prospective undergraduate students were held in three cities. At testing, the mean score for the site was 8.4 on a scale of 1–10. Afterward, improvements were made to the site based on feedback from these sessions. Overall, the testers noted the site's easy organization and the impression, as one student noted, that "Princeton wants to show me both how to apply and why to apply."