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Bendheim Center Website and Annual Report

Staff at the Bendheim Center for Finance came to the Office of Communications  for broad assistance in developing materials to help them reach their audiences. Specific goals were to be more timely and focused about their information and to establish an efficient means of updating core materials. While they came with the objectives of creating an easy-to-update website and the next version of their printed annual report, the outcome of this collaboration between the two offices was much more far-reaching and significant.


bendheim website

Communications Solutions: The main issue Bendheim wanted to address regarding their website was to make it easier to update. Staff hoped to create a more practical and user-friendly site that could help accomplish goals such as providing current information about master's students seeking jobs. To address this, communications office staff transformed the old Bendheim site into one that used the Roxen content management system. The site was placed into a template design, which cut down on development time. A unique splash page gave the Bendheim site its initial colorful impact.

Results: Bendheim staff now can easily update their site. Another positive outcome was realizing that such a site eliminated the need for a printed newsletter. Now, with an online newsletter, the Bendheim Center can reach audiences without paper and with no printing costs.


bendheim report

Communications Solutions: In the past, the Bendheim Center had worked with an outside design agency on their annual report. When they worked with the communications office, they discovered that the full complement of editorial and design could give them both a high-quality product as well as cost savings.

bendheim spread

Results: The Bendheim Center saved $7,000 by working with the communications office and relying on their long-term relationships with quality printers. Tapping into the editorial expertise at the communications office also meant that the report was thoroughly edited and conformed with the University's editorial style. After printing, the final text was submitted to Bendheim, enabling them to work from a solid foundation as they make updates for their next issue. Also, staff of the two offices discussed future photography needs, which will allow for more visual content in next year's report.

"It saved us about $7,000 overall so we’re happy! Thanks for all your help with this project. Look forward to working with you again next year."

— Phyllis Fafalios,
Bendheim Center