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TigerComm Electronic Newsletters

The Office of Communications noticed a growing demand in the use of university branded email communications. Initially, the goal was to create design templates that could be used to create Princeton branded email newsletters. Upon further investigation, while the Princeton campus is making use of third party tools for electronic newsletter management and distribution, Princeton policy prohibits sharing community contact information (i.e., names, email addresses, etc.) with non-university vendors. The goals were later expanded to include the development of a web-based tool for electronic newsletter management allowing for the compliant use of Princeton community contact information.


TigerComm Website and Email Designs

Communications Solution: While at first the Office of Communications limited the vision to producing designed templates and avoiding becoming involved in the management and distribution of newsletters, the Princeton policy on community contact information presented us with an opportunity to solve a long standing problem for campus newsletter creators. The policy severely limits the use of third party tools for distribution to a university-related audience, and so, as a result TigerComm was created from the ground up as a newsletter management tool allowing newsletter authors the ability to create newsletters, pick from shared university newsletter designs or work with the Office of Communications to create a custom reusable design template that more closely matches their branding, all while now being able to employ Princeton community contact information.

Results: TigerComm is now available and supporting the ongoing publication of a number of campus newsletters.