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Pronunciation Guide

The following are the correct pronunciations for prominent Princeton University names frequently mispronounced.

Bobst (BOHBST) Hall
Clio (CLEYE-oh) Hall
Guyot (GEE-oh) Hall
Hibben-Magie (HIH-behn mah-GEE) Apartments
Icahn (EYE-cahn) Laboratory
Lowrie (LAHW-ree) House
Maclean (mac-LANE) House
Mathey (MAT-ee) College
Scheide (SHEYE-dee) Caldwell House
Sherrerd (SHAIR-ehd) Hall

Same Name, Different Place

There are several places at Princeton that share a name, but are different locations. Please check your map!

Jadwin Gymnasium
Jadwin Hall

Lewis Center for the Arts
Lewis Library

McCosh Hall
McCosh Health Center

Prospect Avenue
Prospect Garden
Prospect House