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Princeton’s Signature

The Princeton signature should be included on all official Princeton publications. It need not appear in a large or prominent position, but it should be included to signal a publication’s core relationship to the University.

The signature should be used in all situations that call for the Princeton “logo,” for instance, on promotional materials for public events for which Princeton is the primary sponsor.

The signature is provided to University offices as a “lock-up” (all components sized and positioned) at the correct size for most applications. It may be scaled (as described below) but should not be altered.

For licensing and security reasons, campus members who wish to download the identity system components must first join the identity listserv by sending an e-mail -- using your PU netID -- to Access will be activated as soon as possible but may take up to 24 hours, longer over weekends and holidays.

Once permission has been granted, the variations of the signature described below are available to download and use in your documents and layouts. If you have questions about the lock-up or its use, please call 609-258-5734.

Size — Primary signature

The primary signature comprises the two-line (stacked) wordmark and the shield. The signature should be used whenever possible and must be included on all official Princeton publications. It is designed to work at small sizes to signal a publication’s relationship to Princeton. (There may be some occasions for which it need not be placed in a prominent location or size.)

For the sake of consistency, please reproduce the art as it is supplied; do not separate or alter the components. Note: On a white background, the shield does not have an outline.


Recommended size: 1.5 inches (9 picas)

Recommended minimum size: 1.25 inches (7.5 picas)
and maximum size: 1.75 inches (10.5 picas)


Recommended size: 150 pixels

Recommended maximum size: 200 pixels

Size — One-line signature

The one-line signature should only be used in cases where the primary signature does not fit well, such as on the spine of a book, a narrow banner, or some website headers. Note: On a white background, the shield does not have an outline.


Recommended size: 3 inches (18 picas)

Recommended maximum size: 3.5 inches (21 picas)


Recommended size: 300 pixels

Recommended maximum size: 350 pixels


The signature is designed to work best left aligned. Text may either left align with the wordmark, leaving the shield to “hang” on the left, or align left with the shield.

Centered alignment

The signature may be centered on a page. However, exercise care when placing it in close proximity with centered text, since the signature is inherently an uncentered form and may look off-center even when mathematically on center. When centering the signature on a page with other centered elements, isolating the signature from other elements with white space will help minimize alignment issues.

The centered solution should be reserved for ceremonial or celebratory pieces.

Signature isolation

Space should be left around the signature; at a minimum, the space should be equal to the cap height at any given size. This applies to the primary and one-line signature.