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Use of the Princeton University Name

Commercial firms, vendors, contractors, marketing professionals, institutions and service providers not affiliated with Princeton University should adhere to Princeton's guidelines when approved to include references to the institution or its likeness in information intended for electronic or printed publication or dissemination.

Photography/Publishing Rights and Permissions Policy

(References to "Princeton" or "University" for the purposes of these policy guidelines refer to Princeton University in Princeton, NJ.)

  • Entities desiring to use the trademarked Princeton University name or images in any online, print or other media can refer to the relationship with the University only in a specific and factual manner, and must follow the University's standard photography and print guidelines. Entities cannot use the Princeton University logo, place mention of the University prominently on their website, nor can they refer to the corporate entity known as Princeton University in any mass marketing materials without express written approval specific to the use. If Princeton is included in Web references, the University should not be exclusively featured. However, the University can be included in a client list, as specified below.
  • When mentioning Princeton, entities must refer to the specific project. For example, it would be acceptable to say, "Smith Co. has designed John Doe College for the Facilities Department at Princeton University," or "Smith Co. worked with Princeton 's Facilities Department." It would NOT be acceptable to say, "Princeton University teams up with Smith," "Princeton University has partnered with Smith," or "Princeton University uses Smith." This applies especially in cases in which the relationship is for a department-specific, rather than University-wide, project. When the University is referenced, Princeton cannot be mentioned first in the sentence, headlines or section headers (see examples above).
  • The University must review and approve any copy that mentions Princeton University before it proceeds to any new or further publication.
  • We ask that photographers – or their contract employers – wishing to capture images of the University for publicity purposes sign and submit the University's photography policy form.
  • The use of any photographs is bound by the agreement reached for the approved particular publication or project.

Media representatives with any questions should contact the media relations staff.