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Storytelling is the key to our multimedia endeavors. As people grow more sophisticated in their expectations of media on the Web, we strive to deliver thoughtful, informative video and other animated media.

Our office produces short videos for the University's main website. These videos represent an array of the University's key messages. Our staff also produces videos for Princeton's social media channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Our office also accepts appropriate videos produced by Princeton students and by other campus offices and departments for the University home page. The submission guidelines are available on this site.

Also, the Video Production Support team in the Office of Information Technology offers help with producing film, video, and digital media projects. If you choose to work with a company or contractor outside of the University, review the University's Works Made for Hire Agreement (.pdf) and check with the Office of Finance and Treasury on the appropriate forms and contracts that are required. 

Appearance releases

Princeton students, faculty and staff members do not need to sign an appearance release form to appear in a video produced by the University unless they are presenting copyrighted material.

The University requires that signed release forms accompany all videos considered for posting on the Web if the video includes someone in the following two categories:

  1. any person younger than 18 who is clearly recognizable and/or speaks in the video. A parent or legal guardian must sign the child/ward release form (.pdf).
  2. any person 18 or older who speaks in a video and who is NOT a current student or faculty or staff member at Princeton. Each such individual must sign the recording release form (.pdf).