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TigerComm E-Newsletter Manager

The Office of Communications is pleased to announce the launch of a new TigerComm electronic newsletter management service, which allows Princeton departments/units to create and send e-news easily. TigerComm works with the Princeton LISTSERV service to help you distribute e-newsletters and manage your distribution lists.

TigerComm Service Website

What TigerComm can do for you

  • Create and distribute e-newsletters
  • Track editions of your e-newsletters
  • Upload pictures and articles (with URL links) for your editions
  • Pick from a number of available newsletter templates for your HTML email newsletter
  • Use helpful tips for applying analytics to your content
  • Save money and reach more people by using electronic instead of print newsletters.


There is a *one-time fee of $250 per unit to use this service. The Office of Communications is available to create custom newsletter designs for additional fees.**
We look forward to your feedback and welcome any suggestions you might have to help us improve this new tool.
Please visit TigerComm at and fill out the sign-up form to get started

* While there are no additional current fees, long-term storage of e-newsletters may result in storage fees in the future. OIT charges for large amounts of image and content storage, which likely would be shared by TigerComm users.
** The Office of Communications has a fee of $80 per hour for such work and estimates the cost of projects on a per-case basis.