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Photo Gallery

This collection offers authorized individuals downloadable portraits of recent newsmakers at Princeton and a selection of campus scenes. These photos may be used free of charge by the University community, including alumni, by the news media and by other non-profit groups (for educational or historic purposes).

These photos may not be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of Princeton University, which can be obtained by submitting a use request.

Photos should be credited as follows (unless other credits are provided): "Photo: Princeton University, Office of Communications, [photographer's name]."

Portraits of recent newsmakers

Linked below are unformatted alphabetical directories of print-quality photographs of recent Princeton newsmakers.

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Instructions: Once the photo is fully visible in your Web browser, right-click (on a PC) or control-click (on a Mac) with your mouse to download the image to disk.

Each folder may contain higher-resolution photographs (about 500K to 1 MB) and low-resolution preview images, which are noted with the labels "-pre" or "-FPO."