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Princeton University Best Practices for Twitter

For units that have determined how they will use Twitter as part of establishing their social media strategy, and that have reviewed the University's overall Policies for Social Media, this set of best practices provides a guide for building a successful Twitter presence.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service found at It enables account holders to share with other users short messages that often consist of opinions, real-time information about their own lives or current events, and links to online content. These messages, known as tweets, are limited to 140 characters, including punctuation and spaces, and are shown on the user's profile page and sent to other users (known as followers) who have elected to receive this content.

Users can choose to make their tweets accessible to anyone, or limit access to only an approved list of individuals. Tweets can be posted by the account holder via the Twitter website, external applications or through text messaging on a cell phone.

Through these short posts, Twitter makes it possible for users to become an authoritative resource by aggregating news and information of interest to their followers (including information not limited solely to news from Princeton or a specific department).