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3. Naming Guidelines

Some social media platforms allow the creation of specific -- or "vanity" -- account names. Naming a social media account is very important. Whenever possible, Princeton University, PU, or Princeton should be listed prior to the college, department or program. This helps to build an awareness of all units, it helps users to find relevant Princeton units in search results, and it provides a consistency that is shown to help build trust for users.

3.1 Facebook

Princeton University [insert name]. Example: Princeton University Office of Communications

3.2 Twitter

PU[Insert Name] or Princeton[Insert Name]. Example: PUAthletics or PrincetonHumanities

3.3 YouTube

PU_[Insert Name] or Princeton_ [Insert Name]. Example: PU_Athletics or Princeton_Humanities

NOTE: The names on accounts that have already been created should not be changed, as changing names might change a URL, which can cause confusion for users.

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