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Website Usability

"Usability" refers to the concept of creating websites that are intuitive and allow visitors to accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

One aspect of usability is the ease with which visitors can orient themselves within your site. They should know where they are at all times, and it should always be clear what they can do next.

Other aspects of usability include choosing fonts that the average visitor would find legible and following accessibility standards to assist people with visual and physical impairments.

More information about this topic is available in the Guide to Creating Website Information Architecture and Content (.pdf).

Be Sure Your Site Has a Title

A site title in a prominent location is one of the best ways to help your visitors orient themselves, especially when they enter the site at a deeper page via search engine or hotlink. It is most often located in the banner area at the top of every page. Most users will expect it to link back to your home page.

For University departments and offices, the site title often is the name of your group, such as Office of Communications. In other cases, it may focus on a topic, such as the “Welcome Class of 2015” site for newly admitted students.

If you are building your site in Roxen CMS, and need to add a site title to the banner, you may need the assistance of OIT's Web Development Services group.