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Roxen Content Management System

Accurate and current information on the Web is a University priority. To help non-technical staff maintain Web pages, Princeton provides a Web content management system (CMS) for campus academic and administrative sites. This system, Roxen CMS, is integral to our office's website projects and is centrally supported by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). 

In partnership with OIT's Web Development Services, we have created several website templates that enable the rapid development of cost effective and successful sites. These templates are compliant with University website requirements and federal accessibility standards and they incorporate many features that enhance usability.

When a more distinctive and comprehensive approach is required, we also can create designs that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your project.

To request a website built with Roxen CMS, please use our Getting Started form.

Roxen CMS Training Sessions

A short training session in Roxen CMS will prepare you to add content into an existing website template or customized design.

Sign up to attend introductory, beginning and advanced Roxen training sessions presented by OIT:

  • Click on "Class Offerings,"
  • select "View By List" and
  • search for "Roxen."