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Content Assessment & Submission

Content is both text and images, so as you determine the goals of your project, consider how these might work together. Identify any existing content that could be used for the project, such as draft text, photography and artwork and note where new content will need to be created. Materials must be free of copyright issues. Also consider the overall structure and organization of your project.

Assessing content needs

Often, it is beneficial for the creative process if you can show us examples of what you like and do not like and tell us why. Knowing your preferences for photographs, illustrations, colors and graphic styles can help speed up the design process.

Submitting text

If you will be submitting draft text, avoid elaborate formatting in the document since the designer will be applying new formatting as part of the creative process. Providing a Word document is ideal. All content will be reviewed by our editorial staff who will make wording and organizational recommendations to you.

If you are revising an existing project slightly, it is best to mark changes on a hard copy so that they can be seen easily.

Submitting photography and artwork

If you have photographs or artwork you would like us to consider using, they should be saved at a high resolution to ensure quality. Digital photographs should be a minimum of any of the following sizes:

  • 300 dpi/ppi for a 4”x6” image,
  • photos transferred straight from any camera that shoots 3 megapixels or greater, or
  • 1.25 MB or greater in file size.

In many cases, the larger the file/photo is, the better the quality will be in the end product. Please submit large files only to your project designer.