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Our office has supported the expansion of its services to the University community, since 2001, by utilizing a cost-recovery business model. This model requires us to charge for most services. Based on University guidelines, we will only charge what it actually costs to produce your project. When fees apply, our goal is to be as clear as possible, up front, about expected costs and deliverables. We offer options to fit a variety of budgets. Our fees are well below market rates to make our services more broadly accessible. The quality of our work product is often greater than competitors. Most fee-based projects, such as planning, design and editing, fall under the rate schedule below:

  • Hourly rate: $60
  • Rush fee hourly rate: $120
  • Minimum charge: $30 (half hour)
  • Time is charged in half-hour increments

We do apply rush fees for last-minute and quick-turn-around projects. We also have limited discretionary funding to add value to projects when they are approved for such by the assistant vice president for communications.

Cancelled projects will be billed based on the amount of work completed and any fees imposed by external vendors, if applicable.

To stay within budget, it is important for you to plan well and meet agreed-upon milestones.

Again, the best way to determine how much your project is likely to cost is to fill out our Getting Started form. The appropriate staff then can review your request and give you a well-informed estimate. Please do not assume your project has started if you have not received and approved an estimated budget. Also, please note that the final bill may differ from estimates based upon changes during the work process.


For assignments that fit within our University photographers' schedules we bill our service at the following rates:

  • Hourly rate: $60
  • Minimum charge: $60 (1 hour)
  • After the first hour, time is charged in half-hour increments

When assignments are passed on to freelance photographers, fees will be billed at their rates (to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis). You will be informed of these fees up front and expected to approve them before work begins. All projects are charged directly to departmental accounts (no interdepartmental invoices).

Our photo archive features a variety of images from all around the campus, as well as group and individual photographs. Photo searches are charged at our standard rate of $60 per hour. Photographs from our archive may be reused for a small fee, as follows:

  • Use on the interior of a publication: $20 per image
  • Use on a poster or the cover of a publication: $25 per image
  • Use on a website: $20 per image
  • Burn selected images to a DVD: $25 per DVD

In addition, we have access to stock photography websites. Our hourly rate for searching (see above) applies for this service, plus we may pass on the fees of the external website. Additional fees may apply for rush orders, last-minute cancellations, consultations, digital reproductions and printing and framing.

Fill out our Getting Started form to submit a project request.