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Scheduling Our Services

Effective communications require considerable time to produce, and complex projects require more lead time than others. We strive to achieve a balance with cost (when applicable), timing and quality on each project. Clients who initiate projects with adequate lead time and otherwise plan well receive better results. The most successful projects are created when our clients are fully engaged and work collaboratively with us.

Our office must manage priorities, including other client projects and core communication projects for the University. To help ensure timely completion of your project, please submit content (text as well as images, if applicable) that is accurate, complete and organized. While our editors review all content, we request clients, who best know their subject matter, provide reliable information.

As noted elsewhere, high fuel prices and other factors have made it more difficult for printers to deliver projects without plenty of lead time. Also, printers cannot be as flexible as they once were, so when details of a print project change, including the type of paper or number of pages, this often adds a lot of time to the projected completion date. If you're working on recurring projects, it is best to start planning for them as far in advance as possible. It is also best to make informed decisions and stick with them. Changes can be expensive and add major delays in receiving a final product.

General scheduling guidelines

To ensure the best final product, please allow as much lead time as possible for your project. Lead time means that the bulk of the planning (including project estimates) should be done, and then we still need time to work on the project, get it to the printer, allow the printer to work on the project and deliver it. You'll be given a more precise project schedule based on your specific job, but the following can be used as a general guide for what lead time is required:

  • Postcards, posters, flyers, table tents, invitations (simple), stationery, forms, certificates -- 2 to 4 weeks minimum lead time required
  • Pamphlets, brochures, invitations (complex), small booklets or programs (≤ 12 pages) -- 4 to 6 weeks minimum lead time required
  • Medium to large booklets (16-32 pages) -- 6 to 8 weeks minimum lead time required
  • Books (> 32 pages) -- 8 weeks minimum lead time required
  • Custom items (signs, banners, t-shirts, medals, etc.) -- 4 to 6 weeks minimum lead time required
  • Electronic publishing (conversion to PDF) – 1 week minimum lead time required
  • Websites -- Websites vary too greatly to give an estimate of the time that will be required, but at a minimum, allow two months notice. Major websites tend to take between 1 year and 18 months to complete. Please fill out our Getting Started form to get an estimate for your specific project.
  • News releases -- Releases should be ready to be distributed to reporters no later than eight calendar days before an event -- or at least three days prior to registration for an event requiring registration. Therefore, a completed draft should be submitted to the media relations staff at least 11 days prior to an event.

NOTE WELL: Our designers tend to be busiest from March through September, so additional lead time may be required for certain projects during those months.

Fill out our Getting Started form to submit a project request.


Our photographers or freelance photographers selected by the Office of Communications may be hired to photograph events or to take photographs for publications or websites, including staff and/or faculty portraits.

Again, allow as much lead time as possible for your photography requests. Here are some general scheduling guidelines:

  • Photographer requested for events, portraits, etc. — 1 to 2 weeks minimum lead time required (3 to 4 weeks is appreciated)
  • Photo searches, print requests, digital proofs — 1 week minimum lead time required

NOTE WELL: Once booked, freelance photographers may charge cancellation fees if proper notice of a change in or cancellation of a photo shoot isn't given in advance.

Fill out our Getting Started form to submit a request for photography.