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Auditors are encouraged to park free of charge in Lot 21.

A valid parking permit must be displayed on your dashboard in order to use Lot 21. Vehicles in Lot 21 without a valid parking permit risk receiving a Parking citation.

A new parking permit for Lot 21 will be required each semester. A list of all registered auditors will be supplied to Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) after the third day of registration. In order to receive a valid permit, you will need to notify TPS after the third day of registration that you intend to use Lot 21 for the semester in which you have registered. Auditors shuld contact TPS by email at or by telephone at 609-258-3157. Auditors may choose to have their permit mailed to their home address or picked up from TPS in person. Please note that neither of these options will be available until after the third day of registration and that permits will not be issued unless requested by the auditor.

Current vehicle information must be supplied to the Community Auditing Program prior to registration. If your vehicle information should change, you need to contact the Community Auditing Program immediately in order to avoid receiving citations.

For directions to Lot 21 click here.

The East Line Shuttle to campus departs from the shelter, located in Lot 21.   Click here to view the schedule.  The shuttle travels in a clockwise loop beginning and ending at Lot 21 with stops at South Campus, Frist/Guyot, Woodrow Wilson, Nassau Street/Charlton Street, Friend Center, and Fisher Hall.