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  • Princeton area-residents (must live within commuting distance at time of application): $5,228
  • Princeton University employees: $872
  • Full-time K-12 New Jersey teachers from an accredited school: $872
  • Princeton University employees’ spouses, same-sex domestic partners and unmarried dependent children until the end of the calendar year they attain age 23: $2,614
  • Retired Princeton University employees and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners: $2,614
  • Princeton University graduate students’ spouses or same-sex domestic partners: $2,614

The $5,228 fee is the same as the per-course tuition charged to undergraduate students at Princeton. Students who register for at least two courses may be eligible to apply for an educational loan through a local bank.

University employees must have worked at least half-time for six months and be benefits-eligible to qualify for the reduced fee. They are encouraged to take one course per term during working hours. Employees must have the permission of their supervisors and must make up the time missed in an approved way. Employees cannot be reimbursed through the Staff Educational Assistance Plan for courses taken at the University.