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News for Neighbors

The University engages with the local community in a number of ways — from planning new initiatives to including residents in athletics, service and educational programs.

When the University is developing programs that may have a significant impact on the surrounding area, it strives to include the community in an open, engaged way. The community can follow some projects, such as the updating of the campus plan and the creation of a new arts neighborhood, on related websites, while also checking the University websites below for news and information on other matters.


Princeton University engaged the services of Appleseed, an independent New York based consulting firm with extensive experience in economic and community impact analysis, to prepare a report on the economic impact of Princeton University on its neighboring communities, Mercer County and the state of New Jersey.


Princeton University participated in a study of the impact of higher education in Mercer County that was conducted by the five institutions of higher education located in the county and published in 2007. Copies of these reports are available below.