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Cotsen in the Classroom

Cotsen in the Classroom is our response to K - 5 educators who have expressed a keen interest in the special collections at the Cotsen Children's Library. We have two goals: 1) We want to make Cotsen's collections come alive for children in a relevant, dynamic, and innovative manner; and 2) We want to make this program useful and easily accessible to educators.

Our six facilitated trunk programs come directly to your classroom with a Cotsen staff member. The programs are free of charge, 45 minutes in length, are correlated to the CCSS and the NJ CCCS, and include materials for children to see, touch, and take home!

Please keep in mind that, due to staff limitations, our programs are only available to elementary schools and home schools within 10 miles of Princeton University's main campus. Additionally, we ask that schools interested in multiple bookings (i.e.- multiple classes and/or grades) coordinate a single school visit to reduce staff travel and increase staff availability to other schools.

For Cotsen in the Classroom program descriptions, registration requirements, and correlations to the Common Core State Standards and the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, please click here.