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Explore Bookscape!

The gallery of the Cotsen Children's Library will be under renovation from June 7th to early 2018. The last day of children’s programming will be Friday, June 2. Please click here for more details.

While our gallery programs (Tiger Tales, To Be Continued, and Cotsen Critix) will be suspended during the closure, our online programs (Pop Goes the Page, First Draft and the BiblioFiles) will continue. Select Saturday events will be held at offsite locations. To stay current on Cotsen children’s programming, follow us on Facebook, or join the e-notification list by emailing

Entrance to Bookscape Welcome to Bookscape, our enchanting reading space for children! Bookscape is the invention of James Bradberry, a Pennsylvania architect who specializes in institutional design. Bradberry's drawings were brought to life by Judson Beaumont and his staff at Straight Line Designs, a custom furniture manufacturing company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The towering, hollowed-out bonsai Visitors enter Bookscape through a garden of topiary animals. From there, the room unfolds in a succession of cutaway views and whimsically furnished spaces with books and nooks to read them in. In the house area, be sure to pause at the "Hearth of Darkness" fireplace. Beyond is a wishing well, a playful puppet theater, and a towering bonsai hollowed out for the ultimate reading experience. The rear of the gallery is designed for workshops and programs.

Bookscape is open to the public and free of charge. Please click here for information about the gallery and its visiting hours. For information about our children's programs, click here.

Photos by David Kelly Crow