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Our Programs

From story times to large-scale events, Cotsen has a variety of programs for you to discover and enjoy! Like Bookscape, our children's gallery, Cotsen's programs are open to the public and free of charge.

Please note that while some programs do not require registration, they are run on a first-come, first-served basis and may have restrictions on class size and age range. Additionally, some programs may require registration, enrollment, or selection via lottery. Questions? Please contact Dana Sheridan, Education & Outreach Coordinator: / 609-258-2697


General Programs

Tiger Tales

You're invited to join us at our very special, very interactive story time. We begin with a picture book and end with a creative hands-on project to take home!
Due to gallery renovations, this program will resume in early 2018
No fee, no registration required

Ages 3 - 5

To Be Continued
Pull up a pillow, relax, and listen! We'll read a chapter book to you over a series of weeks, and celebrate at the end with a cool project or activity. Best of all, you can work your way towards a book of your very own. Five visits = one brand new book of your choice!
Due to gallery renovations, this program will resume in early 2018
No fee, no registration required
Ages 6 - 8

Cotsen Critix
Like to discuss books and partake in creative (and sometimes highly unusual) activities related to books and writing? In the past, we’ve met illustrators, queried authors about their books, faced our worst literary fears, written works of historical fiction, learned characterization techniques from an actors, and more! 
Due to gallery renovations, this program will resume in Fall 2018
No fee, enrollment is required.

Ages 9 - 12

First Draft
Want some constructive feedback on your writing? Try First Draft, our writing resource for authors-to-be. Simply submit your creative writing and personal essays via e-mail, and a Princeton University student editor will offer comments and suggestions. For submission guidelines, click here.
Program runs from October - April
No fee, submission required
Ages 13-17

Special Events
Listen to an original Grimm tale, be amazed at the chemistry behind Harry Potter, sip Victorian Tea, visit the number mines of Digitopolis, or learn to speak the high language of Tolkien's elves! Our workshops, events, and performances are listed both here and in the Picture Book Press.
Select Saturdays (September - May)

No fee, registration may be required
Ages vary

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Creative Blog

Pop Goes the Page
Know a teacher, librarian, parent, or friend who is looking for some creative literacy connections? Look no further than Pop Goes the Page, our fantastic outreach blog full of projects, instructions, helpful hints, and new ideas galore!



The BiblioFiles

Dig a little deeper into the books you love to read with the BiblioFiles, our illuminating interviews with children's book authors. From award-winning bestsellers to books you might not have heard of (but should definitely check out), hear what the authors have to say about their creations. Browse our year-round audio archive (which includes a podcast, webcast, and transcript for each interview).


Annual Writing Contest

350 for 50

Polish up those pens! We challenge you to write a short, 350-word story that includes a sentence of our choosing. Winning stories will be published in Cotsen's Picture Book Press, on our creative blog, and the authors will receive a whirlwind $50 shopping spree at Labyrinth Books. The annual contest is announced both here and in the Picture Book Press. To see our 2017 winners, click here.
Contest occurs in the spring
No fee, registration is required

Ages 9 - 14

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Outreach Publication

Picture Book Press

Interested in receiving announcements about our programs and special events? Subscribe to the Picture Book Press, our outreach publication! The PBP is delivered to your mailbox (or digitally to your inbox) on a quarterly basis. To see our current issue, click here.

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