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In 1977, Lois Lowry published A Summer to Die, a story about family, loss, life, and hope. It was Lowry’s first children’s book, written in her characteristically frank, feeling, and beautiful prose. It won the International Reading Association’s award for fiction in 1979. That same year, Lowry published the first in her now famous series of Anastasia Krupnick books. And the world of children’s literature was never the same again.

In her long and distinguished career, Lowry has written 45 books and been awarded two Newbery medals for Number the Stars in 1990, and The Giver in 1994. Her unabashed exploration of difficult subject matter has also made her a frequently challenged children’s book author. In 2015, she was awarded the Free Speech Defender Award by the National Coalition Against Censorship.

While it is difficult to summarize the decades-long career of a luminary who has produced not one, but several seminal books in the history of children’s literature, two things that stand out are Lowry’s versatility, and her respect for her readers’ level of understanding. Versatility in that she can write hysterically funny books as well as deeply poignant ones. And respect for readers in that she doesn’t shy away from difficult, embarrassing, uncomfortable, or socially charged topics. Instead, she speaks to the reader as an equal. It is the ultimate form of literary empathy, one that has the power to change a reader for life.

Saturday, November 5
Interview premieres here
All ages


POKÉMON GO! The Fairy Tale Edition

Put on your walking shoes and get ready to capture some Pokémon! Except these Pokémon are manga versions of famous fairy tale characters from around the globe. Capture Anansi, Aesop’s Fox, the Firebird, Moon Rabbit and more! Snag a photo or go with our lower tech paper & pencil version.  There will be prizes for participation, but each character you capture will also enter you for a chance to win 1 of our 3 prize bags!

Saturday, October 8
12:00pm – 3:00pm
Free of charge / All ages

No registration required. Maps available beginning at 12:00pm, just make sure you’re back by 3:00pm to qualify for prizes. Prize bag winners will be notified the Monday following the event.



READERS! WRITERS! LEND ME YOUR EARS! Join Cotsen Critix, a group of young individuals who read, write, and partake in creative literary activities. In the past, we’ve met cartoonists, queried authors, written works of science fiction, learned characterization techniques from an actor, crafted poetry, thrown Latin spells at each other, and more!

Every other Friday
4:00pm – 5:30pm (October-May)
Enrollment required (see below)
Free of charge / Ages 9-12

Submission of application does not guarantee enrollment. Enrollment is for one year only, and then the program re-opens to another set of kids. 

To apply, you must:

1) Write a 125-word book review
2) Complete the application form
3) Using a blue pen and on a yellow post-it note, combine two book titles to create a new one. Example:  Harry Potter and the Little House on the Prairie.

You MUST include all 3 parts of your application in order to be considered!

Applications must be received by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 at 4:00pm. Remember to mail them a few days ahead of the deadline so they arrive in time.



Our resource for writers ages 13-17 returns in October! More information and submission guidelines can be found here.

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