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Seen and Heard

Rev. Dr. John Trusler. The Progress of Man and Society London: John Trusler, 1791.


The Place of the Child in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1800
18-20 April 2002


Arianne Baggerman ( Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam): “Time, Pedagogy and Diary Keeping in the Late-Eighteenth Eentury: The Case of Otto van Eck (1791-97)” (w/ Dekker).

Claire Busse (La Salle University): “The Child Commodity on the Early Modern Stage.”

Pat Crain (University of Minnesota): “The Properties of Literacy in The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes .”

Rudolph Dekker (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam): “Time, Pedagogy and Diary Keeping in the Late-Eighteenth Century: The Case of Otto van Eck (1791-97)” (w/ Baggerman).

Jan Fergus (Lehigh University): “Schoolboys Read Goody-Two Shoes:   Boys' Purchases of Children's Books at Rugby School, 1744-1784.”

Erica Fudge (Middlesex University): “The Laughter of a Child: on midriffs, children and being human in early modern thought.”

James Knowles (University of Stirling): "A Children’s Party? Milton’s A Masque at Ludlow and the Children’s Masque Tradition.”

Cynthia Koepp (Wells College): “Curiosity, Science, and Experiential Learning in the 18th century: Reading the Abbé Pluche's Spectacle de la nature.”

Michael Mascuch (University of California, Berkeley): "A Child’s “Power in the Word”: The Affecting Presence of Sarah Wight.”

William McCarthy (Iowa State University): “Performance, Pedagogy, and Politics: Mrs. Thrale, Mrs. Barbauld, and M. Itard.”

S abine Mödersheim (University of Wisconsin): “Children’s Games and the Notions of ‘Spiel’ in Early Modern Europe.”

Marianne Novy (University of Pittsburgh): “Adopted Children in Shakespeare’s Romances and Constructions of Heredity, Nurture, and parenthood.”

Juergen Schlumbohm (Max Planck Institut): “The School of Life: Reflections on Socialisation in Pre-industrial Germany.”

Jill Shefrin (University of Toronto): “I Have Gained Their Affection by Making Their Learning as Much Play as Possible”: Education of Royal and Aristocratic Daughters in the Reign of George III.”

Kristina Straub (Carnegie Mellon University): “Eighteenth-Century London Servants as Children.”

Michael Witmore (Carnegie Mellon University): “ From the Mouths of Babes: Speaking Children in English Witchcraft Trials and Exorcisms.”

Larry Wolff (Boston College): “Libertine Fantasy and the Innocence of Childhood in the 18th Century.”