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Sharpening the Subtle Knife


Cutting New Paths Through Children's Literature
16-18 November 2006


Brian Alderson (Independent): "Bookmaking--Always a Chancy Occupation".

Julia Briggs (De Montfort University): "Flying Bedsteads, Talking Trees and a Mouse's Wedding:  The Imaginary Worlds of Children's Fiction".

Richard Flynn (Georgia Southern University): "The Fear of Poetry".

M. O. Grenby (University of Newcastle): "Materializing the Maternal: On the Orgins of Children's Literature".

Andrea Immel (Cotsen Children's Library, Princeton University): "Empty Vessels, Bent Twigs, and Blank Slates: Constructs of Childhood and the Writing of Books for Children".

Uli Knoepflmacher (Princeton University): "Children's Books for Grownups".

Roderick McGillis (University of Calgary): "Big and Little; or, How Rabelais Informs Children's Humor".
Lissa Paul (Brock University): "From Early Lessons to DISTAR: Learning to be Literate".

Mavis Reimer (University of Winnipeg): "Little Worlds and Worlds Apart: Traditions of the School Story".

Kim Reynolds (University of Newcastle): "Nobody's Children: The Adventures, Opportunities and Alliances of Familyless Children".

David Rudd (University of Bolton): "Penning in the Animals? Beasts, Boys, Girls, and Toys in Children's Literature".

Judy Simons (De Montfort University): "Books for Girls, Books for Boys: Gender and Culture".

John Stephens (Macquarie University): "Ways of Spinning Straw Into Gold".

Deborah Stevenson (University of Illinois): "Family Classics: Children's Literature and the Multiple Axes of Canonicity".

Katie Trumpener (Yale University): "The World in Images: Nineteenth-Century Picture Worlds and Modernist Ways of Seeing".

Lynne Vallone (Texas A & M University): "Historicizing Difference: The Politics of Conversion and Resistance".