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Under Fire


Childhood in the Shadow of War
9-11 October 2003


Gary Dickson (University of Edinburgh): "Massacre of the Innocents? Sacral Violence and the Paradox of the Children’s Crusade.”

Matthew Grenby (De Montfort University): "Surely There Is No British Boy or Girl Who Has Not Heard of the Battle of Waterloo!": Childhood, War, and Literature in the Age of Napoleon.

Mark Jonathan Harris (Film Director): Commentator on the film Into the Arms of Strangers.

Mark Heberle (University of Hawaii): "Author of the Century? J.R.R. Tolkien and War Without End."

Margaret Higonnet (University of Connecticut): “Picturing War Trauma.”

Adrienne Kertzer (University of Calgary): "The Anxiety of Trauma in Children's War Fiction."

Gil Leaf: “Munro Leaf’s The Story of Ferdinand."

James Marten (Marquette University): “The War Spirit at Home: Children and Society During the American Civil War.”

Emer O’Sullivan (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität): “Shifting Images: Germans in Post-War British Children’s Fiction.”

Pamela Reynolds (Johns Hopkins University): Respondent to the film Behind Closed Eyes.

Lore Segal (Author): Commentator on the film Into the Arms of Strangers .

Naomi Sokoloff (University of Washington): “Gila Almagor’s Aviyah : Remembering the Holocaust in Children’s Literature.”

Maria Tatar (Harvard University): "War Stories."

Virginia Walter (UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies): “Lost Boys in Contemporary Young Adult Literature.”