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Nip and the Chocolate

Nip and the Chocolate: A Picture Letter from Beatrix Potter to Winifred Warne; April 14, 1906 . Introduction by Ivy Trent. Illustrated throughout. Paper wrappers, double-sided accordion folded (18 x 11 cm.), 16 pp. Los Angeles and Princeton: Cotsen Family Foundation and the Cotsen Children's Library, 2004.

In November 2004 the Cotsen Children's Library at Princeton University became the home of Mr. Lloyd Cotsen's extensive collection of Beatrix Potter manuscripts, original art, photographs, and related ephemera. To mark the occasion of this very special gift, the Cotsen Family Foundation and the Cotsen Children's Library published this facsimile copy of Nip and the Chocolate , one of approximately 30 picture-letters in the Cotsen Library written by Potter to a number of different children.

Nip and the Chocolate --reproduced here in full color--tells the story of a remarkably honest--and  "dreadfully fat"--dog who dutifully buys chocolates with the pennies he begs from his owners green grocer stand. Potter wrote the letter for Winifred Warne, the favorite niece of her publisher and fiancé, Norman Warne.

Alongside the complete facsimile of the eight-page illustrated letter, this accordion folded booklet also contains a transcription of the letter, a brief overview of Potter's picture-letter writing (she wrote some 200 such missives to various children of her acquaintance), and a section detailing a range of activities for young writers and artists who would like to emulate Potter's hobby.

This is a lovely little book that is sure to delight both young and old alike!

 Sorry, this is out of print!