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Cotsen Library Research Fellows

Below is a list of past research fellows who have utilized the diverse materials held by the Cotsen Children's Library.  If highlighted, click on the names of fellows to read their own perspectives about their work and experiences at the Cotsen Library and Princeton University Library's Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.


David Greenspoon (graduate student, Pennsylvania State University): "Children's Mite: Juvenile Philanthropy in America, 1815-1865."

Emer O'Sullivan (Leuphana Universität [Lüneburg,Germany]): "The Construction of national identity in ABC books and picture-books from the 19th century to the present."

Yolanda Theunissen (University of Southern Maine):"Pictorial Maps and Views in Children's Literature."


Sarah Carter (graduate student, Harvard University): "Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century America."


Martin Blumenthal-Barby (graduate student, Yale University): "Illustrated Modernist Children's Books in Early Twentieth-Century Germany."

Eric Faden (Bucknell University): "Nineteenth-century Looking and Reading: The Movable Book and Early Cinema."


Valentina Boretti (graduate student, University of London): "Playing for Keeps: Toys and Identity Construction in China, 1895-1975."

Bryn Varley Hollenbeck (graduate student, University of Delaware): "Illustrating Difference: Racial Variations of the Home Found in 20th-Century Children's Books."

Debra Mitts-Smith (graduate student, University of Illinois): "A Knock on the Door, a Gleam in the Eye: Imaging the Wolf in Western European Fables and Tales."

Stephanie Olsen (graduate student, McGill University): "Raising Fathers, Raising Boys: The High Stakes of Education and Enculturation, 1880-1914."
David Stoker (University of Wales): "A Bibliographical Investigation into Works Attributed to Lady Ellenor Fenn."


William Husband (Oregon State University): "Nature in Modern Russia: A Social History."

Jacqueline Reid-Walsh (McGill University): "From Dissected Puzzles to Paper Doll Books to Digital Games: Late 18th/early 19th century Materials for Children as 'Interactive' Texts."


Sara Pankenier (graduate student, Stanford University): “Concepts of the ‘Child’ in the Russian Avant-Garde Aesthetic.”

Carol Harrison (Kent State University): “Restoring Catholicism in Postrevolutionary France: Gender, Belief, and Secularization, 1801-1870."

Christine Jones (University of Utah): “The ‘Diverting Works’ of Madame d’Aulnoy Charm the British.”


Cynthia Koepp (Wells College): “The Forgotten Best-Seller of the Eighteenth-century: Re-Reading Le Spectacle de la nature by the Abbé Pluche.”


Jill Shefrin: “A Bibliography and Historical Analysis of Juvenile Table Games Published in England Between 1750 and the Late 19th-century.”


Diane Waggoner (graduate student, Yale University): "Picturing the Child: Desire, Nostalgia, and National Identity in Victorian Visual Culture."

For more information about research fellowships, visit the Library research grants page.