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November 14, 2013   >>
Thursday, November 14
Taking Meditation Seriously (But Not Too Much): Lecture by Georges B. J. Dreyfus
In recent years the new mind sciences have provided new ways to study the mind in general and meditation in particular.  I will argue that the humanity scholars should take this new emerging paradigm seriously for it fills important gaps in our understanding of meditation and other religious phenomena.  In particular it offers a welcome break from extreme social constructivism and provides new tools to understand subjective experience and its place in religious practice.  I will also argue, however, that the reintroduction of notion of experience should not signal a return to the old mistakes and that the new paradigm, particularly in its embodied cognition form, provides ways to integrate the important insights of social constructivism within this new paradigm.

Room 137, 1879 Hall, Dept. of Religion  ·  4:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.