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<<  February 21, 2014   >>
Friday, February 21
Dante "Theologus-Poeta": Reading Seminar with Denys Turner & Robert Hollander
A reading seminar on Dante to be co-taught by Denys Turner and Robert Hollander, Princeton’s emeritus professor of Italian literature. Theologians have accused literary scholars of usurping Dante to purely “literary” ends, while literary scholars have claimed that theologians neglect the significance of Dante’s poetry. In the company of a theologian and a literary scholar, students will reflect on the nature of relationship between literature and theology, and importance of this relationship for scholarship. The discussion will take place around close reading of selected passages from The Divine Comedy.

The seminar requires advance preparation. To attend contact Denis Zhernokleyev at
East Pyne 245  ·  10:00 a.m.12:00 p.m.