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<<  February 28, 2014   >>
Friday, February 28
The Esoteric Buddhist Ritual of Image Installation
BSW Lecture by Koichi Shinohara, Yale University
The ritual of image consecration or installation (pratiṣṭhā), sometimes called the "eye opening" ceremony, appears frequently in discussions of Buddhist and other Asian images. The history of this practice is complex. Examples are known from different periods in many cultures and religious traditions. In this presentation I hope to explore one aspect of this many-sided history by looking closely at one Esoteric Buddhist ritual manual for image consecration preserved in Chinese translation, dated to the end of the tenth or the beginning of the eleventh century. As a translation this Chinese text presumably was based on an Indian original.
Room 137, 1879 Hall, Dept. of Religion  ·  4:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.