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Coffee Talk with Alex Metelitsa '09: Stalin's Disneyland: Religion, Dictator and Nation in Turkmenistan's Book of the Soul

Story imageJoin us for coffee, hot chocolate and baklava as we hear from politics major and CSR Undergraduate Research Fellow Alexander Metelitsa '09 on the topic of his senior thesis. 

Location: 5 Ivy Lane

Date/Time: 02/11/09 at 5:00 pm - 02/11/09 at 6:00 pm

"Inspired by Allah," Turkmenistan's President-for-Life Niyazov released the Rukhnama, or "Book of the Soul" in 2001. His officials compared its importance to that of the Bible and the Koran, inscribing its words on the walls of Turkmenistan's largest Mosque. We step inside the world of this eccentric dictator, who created a cult of personality as he struggled with the challenges of leading a newly independent, post-Soviet Nation.

Category: Public Lectures

Department: CSR