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Funding for Undergraduate Research Fellows in the Study of Religion

2011-2012 Undergraduate Fellows
2011-2012 Undergraduate Fellows

Center for the Study of Religion has funds available to support a limited number of junior and senior independent research projects in the study of religion. The JP or Senior Thesis must deal with religion in some significant manner, while the focus can be on any religious tradition or aspect of the category of religion. Independent projects on religious conflict and reconciliation are funded through a generous gift from the class of 1956. Awards vary in amount from $100 to $1000 with $250 (juniors) and $500 (seniors) being average award sizes. Students are encouraged to apply to other sources of funding in addition to CSR (e.g. their departments).

Award recipients will be named "Undergraduate Research Fellows" at Center for the Study of Religion and will be asked to report on their research to the Center. Fellows will also be invited to participate in other center events relevant to their research. Attendance at at least one CSR-sponsored event during the academic year is required. Current Undergraduate Research Fellows are listed here. 

Senior Thesis Funding Application process

CSR participates in the common Senior Thesis Funding application process through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).  A link to the online application is here: The deadline for applying is Friday, October 31, 2014 at 5 p.m.   This application is for students intending to conduct their research during Winter 2014-2015.  Future applications will be accepted in Spring 2015. 

Are you a Sophomore or Junior seeking funding for a Junior Paper (NOT a Senior Thesis)?  Please click here instead. 

Preparing your application

As you prepare your materials to upload on the SAFE, please organize the following items:

  • Personal contact information.
  • General information, including your thesis topic, net-ID, thesis adviser name, and travel plans.
  • Funding sources; a list of all funding you have received to date for your thesis research (including current and past commitments).
  • Other potential funding sources; please include the total amount of research funds you are currently requesting from other sources.
  • Project statement; this document should reflect your proposed research, the research methods you intend to employ, and the work accomplished to date.
  • Project budget/itemized list of expenses; provide a clear working budget for all your anticipated expenses. Travel expenses should be clearly delineated. (For information on allowable expenses, click here).
  • Planned itinerary; please indicate where you are going, what you plan to do and whom you will see at the research location. Indicate whether you have contacted the appropriate person at the research location for the necessary documents, lab access, or archives..
  • Qualifications; include language, quantitative skills, course work or other training or skills which have prepared you for this type of research.
  • Requirements for funding; confirm that you have read and understand the requirements for receiving the funding.

A sample student application can be viewed here

Travel Information and Travel Database

University policies governing undergraduate travel are described on the University Travel website. Students receiving funding from the Center for the Study of Religion are required to comply with travel requirements set by the University.

All overnight University sponsored undergraduate travel must be registered on the University Travel Database. Registration in the Travel Database includes completion of the Terms and Conditions Form and Travel Medical Profile and Consent for Care Form.

Travel to Coutries on the U.S. State Department Warning List

CSR will not support Princeton undergraduates travelling to countries on the U.S. State Department Travel Warning List or to countries where the U.S. has issued travel restrictions, unless the students has received a Travel Waiver from the Senior Associate Dean of the College, Nancy Kanach. Note: If a student intends to apply for a travel waiver in order to travel to destinations on the State Department’s travel warning list, he/she should first consult the University’s Travel website in order to be able to provide Dean Kanach with the information necessary to investigate the waiver request. The travel exemption waiver process is time-intensive. Affected students should allow a minimum of four weeks for the review process. Students should not assume that their requests for waiver will be granted and have an alternative plan in the event that travel is not approved.

Please contact the Center with any questions at 258-2281 or