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John Borneman

    Position: Faculty Associate
    Title: Professor of Anthropology.
    Office: 126 Aaron Burr
    Phone: 609-258-7368
    John Borneman

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    John W. Borneman (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Professor of Anthropology and currently Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Anthropology. He has conducted fieldwork in Germany and Central Europe, and in Lebanon and Syria. His research focuses on two sets of relationships: on the relation of the state and law to intimacy and practices of care; and on the relation of political identification, belonging, and authority to forms of justice, accountability, and regime change. With regard to religious studies, he explores the displacement of the sacred in and through secular processes. He also works on questions of epistemology and knowledge in the public sphere, and on psychoanalytic understandings of the self, group formation, and political form. Professor Borneman teaches courses on the self, intersubjectivity, revolution, memory, and social theory.