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Christian Wildberg

  • CSR
Position: Executive Committee Member
Title: Professor of Classics. Master, Forbes College.
Office: 147 East Pyne Building
Phone: 609-258-3958
Christian Wildberg


Christian Wildberg (Ph.D., Cambridge) is Professor of Classics. His interests include Classical Philosophy, in particular Neoplatonism, Plato and Aristotle; the intellectual history of the fifth century BCE (Tragedy, Presocratics); Ancient Science and Cosmology; and Ancient Greek Religion. His publications include Hyperesie und Epiphanie: Ein Versuch über die Bedeutung der Götter in den Dramen des Euripides (2002), several pieces on the sixth century philosopher John Philoponus, and a collection of articles on mysticism in the world religions (Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 9/2007).