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2011-2012 Graduate Fellows

Religion and Culture

Religion and Culture Workshop 2011-2012
Members of the 2011-2012 Religion and Culture Workshop

Thomas Carlson,  History, "Community Concept and Minority Allegiance: The Church of the East in 15th Century Iraq"

April Hughes, Religion, “Waiting for Darkness: Apocalypticism in Early Medieval China”

Sarit Kattan-Gibretz, Religion, “Time and Difference in Rabbinic Literature”

George Laufenberg , Anthropology, “Clinical Metaphysics: Spirituality, Healing and Community in Contemporary America”

Jebro Lit, History, “The Emotions of God: Three Sixteenth-Century Christological Debates”

Bryan Lowe, Religion, “Rewriting Nara Buddhism: Scribes, Scriptoria, and Patronage in Eighth-Century Japan”

Daniel Stolz, Near Eastern Studies, “Astronomy and Islam in Modern Egypt”

Lev Weitz, Near Eastern Studies, “Family, Law, and Society: Syriac Christians in the Abbasid Caliphate”

Religion and Public Life

Religion and Public Life 2011-2012
Members of the 2011-2012 Religion and Public Life Workshop

Douglas Gildow, Religion, “Religion in the Contemporary Chinese School Curriculum: Survey of Chinese (PRC) textbooks on religion or relevant to religion”

Erin Johnston, Sociology, “ Investigating the relationship between categorical diversity and members' congregational involvement and extra-congregational engagement in US congregations ”

Kati Li, Sociology, “Evangelical Therapeutic Culture, Self-Help, and the Christian Counseling Movement”

Carol Ann MacGregor, Sociology, “School's Out Forever: The Decline of Catholic Education in America: An Analysis of the Closure of Catholic Elementary and High Schools”

Danielle Nahmias, Anthropology, “Christian Iraqi Refugees in Sweden: From the Warzone to the Welfare State”

LiErin Probasco, Sociology, “Encountering difference: Transnational solidarity in short-term religious humanitarian relief”

Brad Smith, Sociology, “The Social Conscience of Evangelical Executives”

Irene (Beth) Stroud,   Religion, “Intimate Migrations: Two Small African-American Protestant Congregations, the Great Migration, and Urban Change”

Alexander Wamboldt, Anthropology, “Arab-Israeli Masculinity”