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Quick Facts about the Arts - Arts Education

This topic includes: art students and educators, professional training for artists and arts administrators, and private artistic lessons for the general public

Arts Exposure of Children in the Silicon Valley
According to the Creative Community Index: Survey of Silicon Valley Residents [2002], 96% of parents of school-aged children thought that arts education classes should be required for all school children. However, in the 12 months prior to the survey, only 76% of households with school-aged children had even one child who took lessons in art, dance, theater, or music. more ....
How supportive are Americans of arts education in the public schools?
When asked whether arts courses should be paid for by the school system as part of the regular budget, the majority of respondents agreed. A total of 77% of Americans said that arts courses should be paid for as part of the regular school budget more ....


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